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A.V Fistula needle (internal fistula needle)
  • Made with high quality austenitic stainless steel needle tube;
  • The needle tube adopts the internationally popular thin-walled tube design with large inner diameter and high flow rate;
  • Plastic wing with concave and convex buckle, easy to pinch fingers to control the puncture angle;
  • The soft and flexible pipeline reduces the movement of the needle in the body;
  • The wings use multiple colors to indicate different specifications;
  • According to different blood flow requirements, you can choose with or without back hole;
  • To be suitable for different occasions, you can choose movable or fixed machine blood collection needles;
  • The shielded A.V Fistula needle: The shielded protective sleeve can effectively shield the used needle tube, ensure that the needle tip will not accidentally stab the medical staff, patients and other people, so as to achieve the protective effect and reduce infection;
  • Model specifications: see the table below.

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